Who Are We?

SHAG NEW YORK, supplier of stylish clothing, is about the merging of ideas and dreams of two friends for over 20 years. 

Ann Corn & Randi Butwin have always had a special relationship built on mutual respect and trust. While both busy raising their families, Ann & Randi managed to always keep their fingers on the pulse of style and fashion.

Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami and weekly trips to Manhattan keep SHAG fresh and edgy. Our customers walk into the store and say "OK, where were you last week and what did you find? What's the hottest new item that we need to have? When will it be here? I want it!" It's as exciting to all of us as everyone else. That's what SHAG is all about. The newest, hippest, most exciting pieces, and trendy apparel for your lifestyle. The best place to purchase the greatest gifts for your friends and family. When you receive a shopping bag from SHAG as a gift, your face lights up because you know it's going to be spectacular! Contact us today at 516.484.3133, visit our store or shop our online store for the latest in trendy apparel.

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